FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions2018-10-29T17:34:03-06:00
What forms of payment are accepted?2018-10-01T18:02:21-06:00

Rentals MD accepts company checks, major credit cards, and ACH “Check by phone”. All month rentals are required to have a form of auto payment on file. In most cases, this is a major credit card and/or ACH “Check by Phone”. Company checks are accepted for security deposits and first months rent, as well as lump-sum payments for past due rentals.

Are credit checks required?2018-10-01T17:59:14-06:00

Rentals MD will not require a FICO or Dunns credit check, however, we do require you to provide some information on your company. Due to the nature of medical devices, we require documentation that proves you’re operating a business that fits in the medical industry, education industry or research industry. All new customers are required to submit state identification of the signer of the rental agreement as well as a copy of their business license which must match the shipping address for the equipment.

How fast can I get a piece of rental equipment?2018-10-01T17:33:48-06:00

Speed depends on a few factors. First, it depends on the equipment rented, as certain items are sitting on the shelf ready to ship, while larger items like surgical c-arms require more time to prep, pack and set up freight. The second factor is how quickly the initial paperwork is completed and first months rent and security deposits (if applicable) are submitted. The lead times can vary from 24 hours to 1 week. The best way to find out is to give us a call at 833-838-8381 and ask about your specific need.

Is service covered during the rental term?2018-10-01T17:29:22-06:00

Yes. Rentals MD covers all service costs associated with any and all rental equipment during the rental period. The only thing not covered is physical damage (from drops, bumps, or misuse). In the event you rent for over 1 year we also cover annual maintenance at no cost to you.

What is the minimum rental term that is required?2018-10-01T17:26:14-06:00

The minimum rental term varies based on the specific medical device and your location. For smaller items that are easy to ship via FedEx & UPS or for larger items with warehousing locations near you, daily rentals are offered. However, if this is not the case then rental minimums are usually based on cost-effectiveness once freight costs are factored in.