Overwhelmed with cases? Patients waiting hours for diagnosis or treatment? Equipment’s been ordered, but not delivered? When case numbers rise rapidly, the equipment can become a bottleneck in handling the increased patient load. Having the equipment you need can speed patient throughput resulting in shorter wait times, less staff stress, and happier patients. Renting gives you a simple and cost-effective way to handle sudden equipment needs without draining your capital budget or entering a long term commitment.

COVID-19 Prep Drained The Captial Budget

Maybe your needs are not just temporary. Maybe you have an aging piece of equipment that badly needs replacement, but due to big expenditures in COVID prep on needed equipment and PPE the budget simply isn’t there to upgrade right now. With a rental, you can replace that piece of equipment with low out of pocket costs and greatly improve patient care and efficiency within your facility all without having to come up with capital for costly repairs. To make things better all of our rentals include a built in rent-to-own program so you earn equity in your rental that can be used later on towards a purchase once the budget recovers.

It May Only Be Temporary

The one thing we’ve all experienced with surges is that they’re temporary. While they may last longer during the COVID crisis, they will eventually end. So, like your increased caseload, your need for extra equipment will wane. If you’ve purchased it (good for you!), you’re suddenly faced with possibly losing money or, in the case of expensive capital equipment like a C-Arm, struggling to make it pay for itself when your caseload drops. Renting equipment gives you the ability to return it when you no longer need it. No lost money or having a machine that can’t pay for itself.

Purchasing Takes Forever

Purchasing usually requires long lead times. During a crisis, that doesn’t help you right now, when patients are suffering. In the case of larger, expensive modalities like C-Arms or Ultrasound, purchasing ties up capital at a time when that’s needed in other critical areas. Our rental solutions provide an easy way to get the equipment you need quickly, with low out-of-pocket costs so your capital can be applied to other pressing needs.

Benefits Include:

Low Out of Pocket Costs – First month’s rent, security deposit & shipping is all it takes to get started.

No Service Costs – We cover all the service costs on the equipment during the rental. never pay more than the monthly rental fee.

No Long-Term Commitments – If caseload changes or doesn’t support the equipment need simply send the equipment back.

Earn Equity – All of our rental programs include a rent-to-own component where 50% of each month’s rental can be applied towards the purchase of the rental system or system of equal or greater value.

Custom Rental Programs – Have a unique need or situation that our standard rental program won’t work for? We can custom tailor a program to your specific needs.

Our product lineup includes a wide range of rental equipment such as C-Arms, Ultrasound, Monitoring, Tables, Sterilizers, Mobile Lights, Stretchers, Beds, and a whole lot more. Have something specific that you’re looking for? Reach out and let us know by visiting our CONTACT page or REQUESTING A QUOTE. You’ll be glad you did.