GE Dash 5000 Vital Signs Monitor Rental

  • 12.1″ Color Display
  • NIBP – Dinamap Superstat
  • IBP – 4 Channels
  • 12 Lead ECG – 12SL, ACI-TIPI, Intellirate, AVOA Plus
  • Spo2 – Masimo SET
  • LED Alarm Handle
  • Printer/Recorder


GE Dash 3000, 4000 & 5000 Monitor Brochure


GE Dash 5000 Vital Signs Monitor Rental

With the family of Dash monitors from GE Healthcare, you have all the flexibility you need in a single, portable platform. Dash monitors’ robust clinical parameters capture vital patient measurements while sophisticated algorithms help prevent false arrhythmia alarms. The Dash monitor can be adapted to any level of acuity so it can stay with the patient throughout the entire care continuum. From presentation in the ER to evaluation in the Chest Pain Center to treatment in the ICU to recovery in the Stepdown unit, the Dash monitor is by the patient’s side at every point of care.

The user-friendly Dash 5000 sports a larger 12.1 inch display for easier readability and quick key functionality for most commonly used functions.

  • Marquette EK-Pro reduces false arrhythmia alarms to 1 per 5 patient monitor hours.
  • Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program for Adults and Pediatrics offers simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition analysis for uncompromising quality and reliability.
  • Marquette 12SL with Gender-Specific Interpretation features criteria for easy detection of acute myocardial infarction (MI) in female patients.
  • Marquette 12SL with ACI-TIPI (Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Insensitive Predictive Instrument) considers a patient’s age, gender and chief complaint as well as ECG measurements to generate a numerical score that helps predict the probability of acute cardiac ischemia.
  • A choice of gold standard SpO2 solutions — Masimo SET or Nellcor.
  • Smart Anesthesia Multi-gas (SAM) module for breath-by-breath analysis and instant identification of agents.
  • High-resolution Cardiorespirogram (CRG) trends to detect subtle physiological shifts in neonates.
  • (CapnoFlex CO2 monitoring for both mainstream and low-flow sidestream CO2 monitoring.)
  • Size Dash 5000 — 12.1 in.
  • Type Active-matrix color LCD
  • Resolution: Dash 3000 and 4000: 640 by 480 dpi, Dash 5000: 800 by 600 dpi
  • Number of traces 7 (maximum)
  • Number of seconds/trace 4.9 at 25 mm/sec
  • Sweep speed 6.25, 12.5, 25 mm/sec (with erase bar)
  • TrimKnob control
    • Five hard keys Standard Silence Alarm, Print, NBP Go/Stop, Zero All and Power On/Off. Dash 5000 adds Trends, NBP Auto, Admit/Discharge, Standby and Main View
    • Remote control option Available
  • Categories Patient status and system status
  • Priority 4 levels — Crisis, Warning, Advisory and Message
  • Notification Audible and visual
  • Setting Default and individual
  • Silencing 1 minute, current alarm only
  • Pause 5 minutes in Adult ICU mode, 3 minutes in Neonatal ICU mode and 5 minute, 15 minute, or permanent pause in OR mode
  • Volume Default 70 dB measured at 1 meter
Invasive blood pressure
  • Number of channels 1 to 4 (optional)
  • Transducer sites Arterial, femoral artery, pulmonary arterial, central venous, right atrial, left atrial, intracranial and special
  • Transducer requirements Excitation voltage: 5 V dc ± 0.1%
  • Transducer output 5
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