Philips Veradius C-Arm Rental

  • Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube
  • High-Resolution Flat Detector
  • 1560 x 1420 Pixel Resolution


Philips Veradius C-Arm Brochure


Philips Veradius C-Arm Rental

As a surgeon you want to perform to the best of your ability. You want to take advantage of innovative minimally invasive procedures and the latest imaging techniques.

Designed in collaboration with surgeons from around the world, Veradius Neo proves that true excellence does not have to be difficult. It gives you and your staff the excellent image quality, ease of use, and radiation dose management features you need. This second generation Flat Detector system achieves new levels of system utilization with the flexibility to perform a wide range of procedures, making it a true multi-purpose system.

With its optimized C-arc geometry, Flat Detector imaging technology and advanced radiation dose settings, Philips Veradius Neo helps you take the next step in excellence allowing you to carry out complex procedures with confidence and control.

Key advantages

• Excellence in orthopedic imaging means less effort to position and easy access to obese patients via optimized C-arc design.
• Excellence in cardiovascular imaging means brilliant visualization of small catheters or stents in endovascular procedures thanks to cutting edge Flat Detector technology.
• Excellence in radiation dose means freedom to reach the desired image quality using excellent radiation dose efficiency.

The Rentals MD Difference:

Rentals MD offers the rentals you need quickly and cost-effectively. Our rentals are available in both short-term and long-term rental options with nationwide service. All of our rentals include costs of service and maintenance and even offer the ability to earn equity in your rental (rent-to-own). For more details simply give us a call or request a quote.

Product Specifications

X-Ray Generation:

X-ray tube: Rotating Anode tube

X-ray generator: Monoblock 80 kHz high frequency generator

Maximum generator output: 15 kW


C-arc: color-coded, fully balanced

Angulation: 90 ° / – 45 ° °

C-arm depth: 73 cm (29″)

Source Image Distance: 99.3 cm (39″)

Lowest lateral working position: 93.2 cm (37″)

Flat detector:

Type: Trixell amorphous silicon detector

Active Detector Area: 26.2 cm x 26.2 cm (10.3″ x 10.3″)

Matrix size: 1560 x 1420 pixels

Pixel pitch: 184 µm

Dynamic range: 103 dB (16 bit) dB


WLAN: Optional

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C-Arm Size

Full Size – 2pc C-Arm & Monitor Cart