Philips BV Endura C-Arm Rental

  • Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube
  • 1K x 1K Image Resolution
  • Digital CCD Camera
  • 9″ and 12″ Image Intensifier Options


Philips BV Endura C-Arm Brochure | Philips BV Endura C-Arm Technical Specifications


Philips BV Endura C-Arm Rental

Workhorse mobile C-arm rental for surgical imaging offers vascular functionality with a wide field of view, optimizing workflow. Perfect for general fluoroscopy and vascular specialization, the BV Endura helps you clearly view dynamic images in surgery.  Designed to improve your workflow, this versatile system has many beneficial characteristics.
Consider these features:
  • A flexible choice between 9” or 12” image intensifier
  • Extended rotation for vascular projections
  • SmartVision imaging technology
  • Ultra-compact MobileView Station
The Rentals MD Difference:

Rentals MD offers the rentals you need quickly and cost-effectively. Our rentals are available in both short-term and long-term rental options with nationwide service. All of our rentals include costs of service and maintenance and even offer the ability to earn equity in your rental (rent-to-own). For more details simply give us a call or request a quote.

Product Specifications

X-Ray Generation:

X-ray tube: Fixed anode tube with active heat management

X-ray generator: DC converter, micro-processor controlled generator

Nominal power: 3.15 kW: 110 kV, 30 mA


Free space within C-arm: 77 cm (30.3”)

Angulation:  90° to -25°

C-arm depth: 61 cm (24.0”)

Rotation: ± 180°, with safety stop at ± 135°

Source Image Distance: 98 cm (38.7”)

Extended angulation (optional):  90° to -45° for increased projection flexibility

Lowest lateral working position: 102 cm (40.0”)

Imaging chain:

Image intensifier: Triple mode 9″ HRC / Triple mode 12″

TV camera type: CCD, high resolution 1K²

Nominal II formats: 31, 23, and 17 cm (12”, 9”, and 7”) 23, 17, and 13 cm (9”, 7”, and 5”)

Constant beam filtration: 0.1 mm Cu 3 mm AI

Image processing: 16 bit with motion detection


Handheld remote control: Controls the main image handling functions

Touchscreen: Available for Mobile View Station

ViewForum: Multi-modality workstation

Vascular Extension: Subtracted fluoroscopy mode, Trace, View Trace, Roadmap, Remask, Smart Mask, Landmarking, real-time Pixel Shift, and CO² modes


Video in: S-video

Analog video out: 1 BNC connector left monitor

Digital video out (optional): 2 DVI connectors left and right monitor

USB storage: bmp format

Advanced DICOM/IHE package (optional): Modality Worklist Management, Modality Performed Procedure Step Storage Commit, Full compliance to the IHE Scheduled Workflow Integration profile as an Acquisition Modality Actor, Supports DICOM Structured Dose Reporting, Query/Retrieve (with the ViewForum option)

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