Hologic Insight C-Arm Rental

  • Second Generation Hologic C-Arm System
  • 1k x 1k Pixel Image Resolution
  • Digital CCD Camera
  • 6″ Image Intensifier Options


Hologic Insight Mini C-Arm Brochure


Hologic Insight C-Arm Rental

Fluoroscan™ InSight is the original and most sought-after mini C-arm  on the market. Now the new Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm is more versatile, efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Designed specifically for orthopedic and other extremity surgeons, Fluoroscan InSight combines tremendous maneuverability, ultra-fine low-dose fluoroscopy images, and automated adjustments that deliver the optimum image every time, for every patient. No other mini C-arm can be customized to meet the demands of all physicians for every procedure.

Hologic continues to set the bar for high-quality fluoroscopy imaging with the smallest x-ray focal point in
the industry. The Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm is your perfect extremity imaging system.

Unprecedented Flexibility for Comfort and Ease of Visualization

The demands of extremity surgery are varied. No matter how challenging the body part or how difficult the position, Fluoroscan InSight will accommodate your needs with extraordinary flexibility.

No more bulky, fixed monitors that require you to orient yourself to them. The Fluoroscan InSight’s lightweight, flat screen monitor can be rotated and positioned with virtually infinite ease to extend into the surgical field.

The articulation of the imaging arm moves with equal flexibility, so the C-arm works as you work — moving effortlessly from anterior to posterior to lateral views — so you get the precise angle that you need. Wherever you position the C-arm, it will stay in that position until you’re ready to move it.

The result is greater comfort for you and your patients and improved  visualization in all types of extremity surgeries.

Fluoroscan InSight: Better Than Ever

Recent system improvements make the Fluoroscan InSight from Hologic more versatile, efficient and cost-effective than ever before. The new performance enhancements include:

• A deeper C-arm to accommodate virtually any hand or foot surgical table and improve maneuverability.
• A redesigned flex arm that increases the articulation range for even greater flexibility.
• A programmable wireless foot switch improves safety and convenience.
• A new locking mechanism to ensure the precise approach and angle for virtually any extremity imaging procedure.
• And new software with a full range of image optimization tools with configurable Physicians Preference settings. These tools can be set independently for each doctor or preset for the overall system.

Saving Time with Advanced Imaging Automation

Automated Imaging

Orthopedic surgeons have told us they want the best image quality without instrumentation complexity. The Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm has advanced imaging automation that compensates for and adjusts to metal, noise, motion, and tissue thickness.

Smart technology

You don’t need to flip a switch or push a button to compensate for metal within the surgical field. Metal-Trac is always working to ensure that pins, bolts, or surgical instruments don’t degrade the image.Adaptive noise and motion reduction Fluoroscan InSight automatically adjusts to movement during a procedure, producing a crystal clear image, eliminating blurriness or distortion.

Automatic dose control

With Fluoroscan InSight, you don’t have to worry about dose control. The software automatically adjusts the dosage for the best image quality with the minimum exposure for large and small extremities alike. Management and connectivity

Management and connectivity

All Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arms incorporate not only the best imaging technology but the ease of connectivity. Store digital images locally on the hard drive, or export images in multiple formats to PACS, CD/DVD media or a printer. Images may also be exported to a USB device for off-site review and storage.

Smallest focal point for highest visualization

The hallmark of Hologic is ultra-fine detail imaging. Only Fluoroscan InSight offers a 0.045mm focal spot for superior image clarity and detail no other mini C-arm matches.

The Rentals MD Difference:

Rentals MD offers the rentals you need quickly and cost-effectively. Our rentals are available in both short-term and long-term rental options with nationwide service. All of our rentals include costs of service and maintenance and even offer the ability to earn equity in your rental (rent-to-own). For more details simply give us a call or request a quote.

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